Friday, February 29, 2008

SL Network Issues

You may have noticed some increased performance when using Second Life on campus over the last several days (I know we did well at our meeting on Tuesday!). Chris Wammes, our ITS LC member emailed me the other day:

We have worked with our networking software vendor to target Second Life traffic on our network and give it a higher priority. This should solve the latency issues that you have been experiencing when using Second Life on campus. Please forward this information on to the SLLC and any other users of Second Life.

And added:

We have added rules to... our packet shaping software, to identify Second Life traffic based on Second Life subnets and the ports that they are listening on.

We would like to thank Chris and ITS for making these improvements. If you continue to have problems with lag on campus be sure to submit a ticket (and CC me) so we can diagnose the problem.

PS. The client of Second Life has a 'Lag Meter' composed of simple red, yellow, green lights that you can use to determine where a lag problem is coming from. These lights indicate whether the Client, Network, and Server are running at normal. Here's a video tutorial on performance by Torley Linden:

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