Monday, August 11, 2008

SL in a Browser

We all knew the day would come... Finally some really big break through news on running SL in a browser. The biggest news: there are several SL browser projects trying different methods.

New World Notes reports

As seen in Firefox:

Using XABP on Firefox to embed the Second Life browser in a web page

Running on Xenki

More about Xenki

Need in-depth knowledge/opinions from an expert?

As seen in IE:

inDuality - 3d universal client

Or try the PC plug-in developed (in part) by IBM

All of this because of the OpenSim and open source projects surrounding SL. There are good and bad points to how this will change the web experience - how it may or may not be integrated. Whether you want SL to run in a browser or your favorite browser (Firefox) to run in SL... You may eventually get both!

And of course if you haven't heard, the brilliant teenager Katherine Berry, creator of the AjaxLife browser interface for SL, has now released it as an app on the iPhone.

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